I'm a Drug Addict and I'm Okay

I hold astro b.yond by my left hand.....

I'm clicking computer mouse with my right hand, in other words I have streamyz

For the normal person, both mentioned above is the "perfect life", isn't it ? but why it still a "perfect lie" to me ? When someone dumping your hope in other word thrashing it and in the same time giving that hope grows it's really ironic. She already has a "boyfriend" but why she's still denying that really that's giving hopes and thrashing it in the same time.

I'm not regretting she's not chosen me as 'someone' in her soul, but I'm regretting why we have been knowing each other

If you're already "found" someone, please don't deny it, it's like you're playing with the see saw of the hopes. I found this situation twice, for the first ones, yes, I accept that, but the second ones it really ruins my future.

to someone, you're my last love, there is no love will taking that place in my 'disenchanted' heart, even though we're not meant together ever after.

usah bermain rasa jika hanya menduga nanti tersentuh hati pedih menikam jiwa
scorr - bila hati dah sayang

in the result......

Feeling down from time to time is a normal part of life. But when emptiness and despair take hold and won't go away, it may be depression.Yes, I'm depressed.That's why I'm taking valium and diepezam

this not her fault, it's me =)

p/s: trying to chill behind the despair

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missnadira berkata... Reply To This Comment

hmmmm...don't ruin yourself thinking about somebody that is not worth it okay..it's new year..new beginning..leave the past behind and start anew. great things happen to those who wait.so cheer up a bit okay!happy new year!(^_^)

model baju korea berkata... Reply To This Comment

woww great post good luck

eva berkata... Reply To This Comment

xper.. anggap ini satu permulaan.. ada yang lagi lebih baik menanti..

~KeishahaniYusoff~ berkata... Reply To This Comment

ermmm nk ckp comment pew yea...tp pape pown keep strong k..
music backgrnd sgt nice..

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